Accommodation in Hotel
  2019 2020
Suite69€ day
 75 € day
1-person room
35€ day 35 € day
2-person room
50€ day55  € day
3-person room
59€ day65  € day
Family room (for 4 persons)
69€ day 75 € day
Extra bed with breakfast (under 6-years old for no fee)
13€ day15 € day  
6€ day 6 € day
Hotel, 41 rooms  / 102 bed
1600€ day
 1700 € day


      • prices include VAT
      • accommodation prices in Kääriku Sports Center include breakfast and use fitness studion and drying cupboard (excluding tenting)
      • 10% discount of the prices in low-season
      • up to 15% discount for groups. Group – minimum 10 adults from one organization/enterprise
      • group discount does not apply high-season weekends (Friday-Sunday) and during major events held in Otepää or Kääriku
      • free accommodation for childer up to 5 years old (excluding tenting)
      • 10% discount for accommodation prices, when lunch and dinner ordered as an addition (excluding tenting)
      • double discounts does not apply, i.e. only one discount applied, except low-season discount and lunch and dinner discount, when ordered in addition to accommodation
      • seasonal holiday packages, catering, accommodation and other services price list is established by the board of Tehvandi Sport Center Foundation and it is published on foundations webpage ja Kääriku Sports Center webpage

      Info and booking: +372 766 5600